Coaching Stars of Courage

Are you adored with acceptable health, a abiding income, aliment on your table, and a comfortable bed to beddy-bye in at night? Are your kids traveling to academy accepting eaten breakfast, with shoes on their feet, balmy clothes in the winter, or the use of an awning and rubbers if it rains? Are their teeth and hair clean? Do they feel safe and secure? Is there a abutment arrangement in abode that you both can calculation on? Yes? No? Or maybe?! Isn’t it amazing what we all yield for granted!

Stop a moment and feel beholden for aggregate in your life. Hug your kids today and ask them what they are beholden of. Savor this. It is a admirable way to alpha anniversary day.

Now brainstorm that you and your ancestors are abandoned and that your adaptation instincts are in overdrive. Internally, achievement plummets and self-esteem is bedrock bottom. How do you ascend out of this acute situation? How do you about-face your activity around? How do you brainwash achievement in the hearts of your children?

Ask yourself this question, “What is the one affair that acknowledged humans assume to consistently do?” The acknowledgment is, “They accept a drillmaster to advice them ability their goals!” Do you apperceive of anyone who is a affairs or business coach? Are you a coach? If you are a drillmaster or apperceive anyone who is again yield a attending at this non-profit organization. See if it is a acceptable fit for you.

“Founder of The Stars of Courage non-profit Ken D Foster is searching for Life, Business, Spiritual, and Bloom Coaches to advice those who are active in abjection in the United States. If you are a Drillmaster or apperceive one, amuse apprehend on.

“Evidenced-based studies appearance that accumulation activity apprenticeship with educational programs is able at appropriation humans out of their bread-and-butter struggles,” addendum Ken D Foster, the Founder and Executive Director of Stars of Courage. As a Drillmaster himself for 21 years, Ken knows contiguous the appulse that apprenticeship can have.”(1)

Can you acquisition one hour a anniversary to drillmaster the poor?

“You accept not lived today until you accept done something for anyone who can never accord you.” -John Bunyan

Let’s advice the 47 actor Americans active in abjection by overextension the chat that this non-profit alignment needs coaches immediately! If you would like to advance as a Activity Drillmaster and be allotment of the accomplishment to end poverty, amuse appointment their website and complete the volunteer drillmaster application.

(1). Taken from a business letter by Ken D Foster.